Actor Oscar Kuchera: “Alla Pugachev has ceased to be a man”

Alla Pugacheva.

Alla Pugacheva.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Oscar Kuchera criticized Alla Pugacheva. The famous artist cannot forgive the Primadonna for her scandalous statements. He does not understand why the singer, having left Russia for Israel, allows herself such attacks.

For many years Alla Pugacheva was one of the most beloved artists on the national stage. Despite numerous scandals, the Primadonna was forgiven a lot. Everything changed when performer of the hit “A Million Scarlet Roses” moved to Israel and began to criticize Russia and former compatriots.

After that, many began to turn away from the celebrity. Among them was Oscar Kuchera. He was amazed at the statement of the singer, who for him was the standard for many years.

“There is Alla Pugacheva, which killed me I swear. I understand that she deeply … on what I say and on my opinion. But I always respected her very much and my poster fell from the wall, with which I grew up, “admitted the showman.

Oscar admitted that at first he calmly reacted to the fact that the Primadonna left her homeland. However, when Pugacheva began to scold the Russians, the patience of the 48-year-old actor snapped.

“When she blurted out – yes, you yourself are fools. Were serfs, became slaves … For the whole country that idolized you, you called the whole country serfs and slaves. It turns out that you sang for serfs … Blue-blooded young lady? intelligent person let?and image crashed instantly. She has not ceased to be a great singer, but she has ceased to be a person for me,” Kuchera concluded in an interview with “Real” on YouTube.

The actor also stressed that it is natural for a Russian person to forgive. But personally, he did not want to see the departed stars again.

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