“Acceleration, impulse and mobilization at all levels”

Zakhar Prilepin spoke out in connection with the capture of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Krasny Liman. The writer recalled that Ukraine captured the city, which was proclaimed Russian only yesterday.

Prilepin explained how the news should now sound.

“Ukrainian armed forces are entering the Russian city of Krasny Liman. Into our city. In our Russian city with you,” wrote a member of the Just Russia-Patriots-For Truth political party.

He noted that Vladimir Putin demand for losses will be absolute. Prilepin also announced two pieces of news.

“Bad news: all this will have to be returned in agony. Good news: NATO will not come. But the supply of weapons will still increase,” the public figure explained.

The writer is sure that Russia should abandon peacetime.

“Acceleration, impulse and mobilization at all levels. Otherwise, it was not even worth starting yesterday’s holiday,” Prilepin expressed his point of view.

Formerly military analyst Igor Gerasimov explained that Russia has a political victory, and no military victory yet.

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