About the future of Russian cinemas under the yoke of sanctions, the Novosibirsk

According to the director from Novosibirsk Oleg Zakharov Western sanctions have not yet pushed the domestic film industry to flourish.

Producer, actor, screenwriter and film director Oleg Zakharov notes that young people no longer watch TV and may refuse to go to the cinema in the future.

Earlier, the government of the Russian Federation refused to pay subsidies to cinemas for 6.5 billion rubles. Cinema owners have announced ruin your business.

The filmmaker believes that teenagers are more interested in streaming services and social networks.

“They are defeated by the comfort and speed of viewing. But as long as the adherents of the big screen and the cultural atmosphere remain in the country, there will be demand for ticketed screenings,” Zakharov quotes

The director is convinced that foreign sanctions have not yet affected Russian cinema in any way.

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