about Russian cyber attacks: the European Union for the first time accused the state of this

The declaration of the High Representative of the EU on behalf of all 27 member states, condemning the cyber attack on Ukraine on the morning of February 24, for the first time blames not individuals or organizations, but the state – Russia.

According to Ukrinform, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said this during a press conference following the results of the 6th International Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria in Brussels, the full text of which was made public on site European External Action Service.

“Today, apart from the (sixth package – ed.) sanctions against Russia, there was another issue. Member countries agreed and issued a joint statement condemning the cyber attack that took place earlier this year against the government of Ukraine. It is important that for the first time at the European level we blamed this attack on a state actor, the Russian Federation. In the past we have talked about attacks coming from Russia. But it is one thing when attacks are carried out from Russian territory, and another thing when they are obviously connected with the Russian government,” Borrell said.

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He recalled that on February 24, an hour before the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Federation carried out a cyber attack against the KA-SAT satellite system. This led to significant complications and interruption of communications of several state institutions, enterprises and users in Ukraine at once. This attack also spread to several countries and international partners of the EU.

“This cyber attack confirms the many manifestations of aggression and hybrid war that Russia is waging against Ukraine. Another such manifestation is misinformation. And now, as we addressed this to the government of the Russian Federation, I want to emphasize this, we must work together with Ukraine and our international partners to prevent, de-incentivize, deter and respond to such cyber attacks associated with the Russian Federation,” Vysokiy said. EU representative.

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As reported, a Declaration by the High Representative of the EU on behalf of all 27 EU member states condemning Russia’s cyber attack on Ukraine and its critical infrastructure facilities on February 24 was published on the website of the European Council today. This cyber attack, committed immediately before the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, was directed against the KA-SAT satellite network, which is operated by Viasat and serves, among other things, some state institutions in Ukraine. The EU considers such actions unacceptable and demands an immediate stop to the Kremlin’s military aggression against Ukraine

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and continued the military aggression that began in 2014. Russian troops are conducting massive bombing and shelling of peaceful Ukrainian cities and towns, unleashed mass terror against the civilian population in the temporarily occupied territories.

Photo: European Union/EP

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