About 30% of schools are ready for offline learning – Shkarlet

Parents of students will choose the most optimal form of schooling for their children, based primarily on safety issues. To date, 30% of schools in Ukraine are ready for offline learning.

According to Ukrinform, about this on the air of a nationwide telethon said Minister of Education and Science Sergei Shkarlet.

“At the beginning of July, there were much fewer percentages of readiness (of schools to start working offline – ed.) – in the region of 17-18%, as of August 1, we can state that 30% are already ready to start offline,” Shkarlet said.

He noted that together with the State Emergency Service, almost 30,000 inspections were carried out, and today state bodies and local authorities are jointly trying to provide as many schools as possible with shelters so that the educational process is offline.

At the same time, the minister assured that the safety of children remains in the first place, and parents themselves will determine which form of education to choose.

“I want to stress that safety comes first. Parents will have a choice: if the father or mother believes that the child has a danger when attending school, in this context, children can study through the program online, or family or individual study, or external study, so these conditions are provided,” said Shkarlet, adding that schools can consider different options for optimizing the educational process. For example, use shift learning, blended learning – part of the subjects online, part offline, etc. This is done in order to reduce the number of children in school at the same time.

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Shkarlet also noted that, of course, 30% of offline schools are not enough, but this number may increase by the end of August.

As Ukrinform reported, as of July 30, as a result of a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, 2,199 educational institutions were damaged in Ukraine, of which 225 were completely destroyed.

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