“Abkhazia fully supports the NVO”: an inter-parliamentary conference of the CIS countries was held in the House of Unions

Without dialogue, there is no trust, and without mutual trust, there is no development of relations

Without dialogue, there is no trust, and without mutual trust, there is no development of relations

A photo: Edward CHESNOKOV

Moscow Wednesday morning began with a 10-point traffic jam due to snowfall. Therefore, not everyone managed to attend the event with a complicated title “The role of interaction between factions of political parties and blocs in inter-parliamentary cooperation of the CIS countries”. Deputies and international experts are also people, they travel along the same roads as the rest.

The conference itself was hot. Guests-parliamentarians from the countries of the former USSR periodically raised their voices, bumping into common problems like the same Karabakh. But still they tried to find common ground, remembering that back in the nineties, many conflicts in the post-Soviet space were moderated through similar inter-parliamentary groups, not without success. Still, deputies are, pardon the banality, people’s deputies who have a mandate of trust from voters.

One of the first among the guests of the conference was the representative of the Parliament of Abkhazia – Astamur Gerhelia. And slashed:

– In 2022, Abkhazia was the first to support the recognition of the DPR and LPR by Russia. Abkhazia fully supports the NWO conducted by Russia. Whoever died for the Motherland is immortal!

The pro-Russian impulse was picked up by the Socialist-Revolutionary deputy Gennady Semigin, who told foreign guests-parliamentarians exactly how Russia builds relations with their new states:

– The national interests of your countries should come first. And we understand it. But at the same time, we must also have common interests. Such as traditional values ​​that are very different from those offered by the West.

This clearly found approval among some of the guests. So, the Kyrgyz deputy Adakhan Madumarov was indignant that in Western sports now skaters are called not “partner and partner”, but “the one who supports and the one who is supported”:

– We said on our television that the worst thing is the Soviet period. And today we say: why don’t our children love us? Because we raised them that way. European civilization turned out to be not a civilization, but “colorizations”. The birthday of Jennifer Lopez is shown on TV more than Lyudmila Zykina or Claudia Shulzhenko,” the guest from Bishkek called out.

Member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Syrankov spoke in the same spirit, outraged by the “difficult situation with the Russian language that has arisen in certain CIS countries.”

So, whether someone likes it or not, the dialogue in the post-Soviet space through inter-parliamentary diplomacy continues. Indeed, without dialogue there is no trust, and without mutual trust there is no development of relations.

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