A young paratrooper from Tavda died in Ukraine

In Ukraine during a special operation young soldier killed from Tavda Nikolai Tsvegunwrites about it

The contractor died heroically while doing his military duty. Farewell to him will take place on May 31.

From childhood, Tsvegun dreamed of becoming a military man, serving in special forces, the guy graduated from a cadet school, served his military service in the airborne troops, although he had the right to a deferment, and remained on a contract, E1 reports.

Previously young member of the special operation Andrey Dolotovsky buried in Bataysk, he left behind a wife and two small children. The deceased in Ukraine was buried on the Walk of Fame. The widow told how hard it is for her without a husband, and for her children without a father.

By order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin On February 24, a Russian special operation began in Ukraine, aimed at protecting the Donbass. This decision was made by the head of state after turning to Russia for help from the heads of the DPR and LPR.

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