A woman with a baby in her arms jumped under a train in the suburbs

A woman with a baby in her arms stepped onto the tracks in front of a passing train, both diedinforms about it “Vesti Podmoskovye”.

According to the investigative committee, a criminal case has been initiated on this incident. According to investigators, the mother, holding the child in her arms, deliberately stepped onto the railway track at the station “63 km – Shevlyagino”. The train hit both of them, it was not possible to save them.

The specialist finds out the circumstances of the incident.

Earlier, a resident of Balashikha decided poison yourself and your son after she received an eviction notice due to mortgage debt. When the citizen received a document demanding to leave the apartment, she decided to prepare poison from various drugs. After drinking it, the woman forced her 15-year-old son to take poison, and then called her mother, who called an ambulance. The doctors were unable to save them.

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