A woman danced on the roof of an MIO bus when it was in motion

MIO bus in Cali.  Photo: Twitter MetroCali
MIO bus in Cali. Photo: Twitter MetroCali

In Caliseven young people were recorded, while carrying out a series of risky actions, hanging from a bus of the Massive Integrated of the West (OWN).

Witnesses recorded the reckless feat, which went viral, of the group that was transported in the route T57ANuevo Latir, in the afternoon.

In the first shot, you can see how two of them are lying on the roof, while their companions try to hang from the rear of vehiclein a whereabouts.

And, immediately afterwards, six of them are seen – all hanging from the back – doing bar to her friend, while she dances in a burlesque way on the roof of the bus moving.

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In the video, the person recording the images is heard saying: “And what we see here in Cali, see. Where they travel in the MIO, see. This here is another level”, amazed with the low level of civility of the youth group.

It is unknown if the driver of the vehicle was aware of what was happening outside the bus, and most likely not, since it was completely full and visibility to the roof and rear was low or non-existent.

Also, MetroCali, the entity in charge of the operations of the MIO fleet, has not ruled on the matter either, therefore, only the versions of those who denounced the fact on social networks are known. According to which, the young people would have made the decision to transport themselves in this way, to avoid paying the ticket.

Terrified igos managed to capture the moment on video

In mid-December 2022, the mayor of Cali, Jorge Ivan Ospinaannounced that the ticket rate of the Massive Transportation System would increase $300 pesosas of the first week of January 2023. Going from $2,400 to $2,700 per trip.

“”Under the salary increase, it will increase by $300. MINE’s ticket will remain at $2,700 and will advance from the first week of January 2023, ″he explained.

According to their statements, the actual cost of each ticket is $5,000 pesosTherefore, in reality, the users of this system would be paying, a little more than half, to be able to transport themselves without problem through the city.

Y justified the increase of the rate, with the increase in the price of gasoline and other inputs necessary for the vehicle to be able to mobilize: “The increase in fuel, oil, tires, wages, is much more than what we can increase , but we do it because we want the community to continue using MINE as the main transportation service.”

In addition, he said that, despite the increase, his city continues to have the lower public transport fare in the country: “we have the lowest rate in Colombia, in Bogotá transportation costs $3,000, in other areas it costs $3,100, in the city of Cali it will cost $2,700. There is a lag of many years where we have not increased the fares because we know the socioeconomic conditions of our community”.

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