A well-known TV presenter reprimanded Ivan Urgant as a naughty boy

A photo: Alexander GLUZ

Vladimir Solovyov never reaches into his pocket for a word. During the next broadcast of his author’s show, he praised Philip Kirkorov and scolded Maxim Galkin and Ivan Urgant.

Vladimir Solovyov showed footage of how Philip Kirkorov Parrived at the military hospital in Feodosia and met with the wounded soldiers. The TV presenter praised the king of pop and his patriotic attitude.

However, he stressed that not all celebrities deserve respect. “Here Kolya Baskov, he was very friendly with different people, but Kolya is the son of an officer. But also Max Galkin – the son of an officer, but they are completely on opposite sides of the barricades. Kolya is with us, and Max is a piece of shit. Vanya Urgant turned out to be somewhere out there, it’s not clear how shit dangles in the hole. And that’s all. He travels, does something,” the TV presenter noted.

Despite the fact that Urgant continues to work in Russia, rumors about his emigration still persist. So, for example, it turned out that the showman was selling assets. Now he does not have a single business in Russia. The only official income of the family is a restaurant co-founded by the showman’s wife Natalia Kiknadze.

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