A very simple guide to download an ebook and read anywhere: download the first one for free and try

Simple steps to download digital books and fill your library.  (getty)
Simple steps to download digital books and fill your library. (getty)

It is a fact: the digital reading grew in recent years, a habit that is here to stay. The ebooks (or digital books) have become a great tool to read in just a few clicks. But how do I take the first step without making a mistake? How can I download a file and read safely? Is it the same on all devices? The doubts are many but the process it’s fastwhile protecting the environment and not carrying unnecessary weight thanks to this format.

Fearing the wrong link or touching the wrong download buttons, Infobae Leamos prepared a simple and clear guide on how to download an ebook from the Bajalibros digital store.

E-books.  An immense world for readers.
E-books. An immense world for readers.

♦ Enter the Playstore or Appsotre of your device.

♦Download the app bookmarks and enter with your site username and password.

♦The ebook you chose is in “My Books”, ready for you to open it and start reading.

Reading ebooks from the computer is a great alternative for intense reading (Shutterstock)
Reading ebooks from the computer is a great alternative for intense reading (Shutterstock)

We decided that we are going to read on the computer or computer, but what and where do I have to enter? What I need? What site do I go to? In order to do so we must:

♦To enjoy your ebook from a PC or notebook, you must first install a free program which will allow you to open the file: Adobe Digital Editions.

♦In your browser’s search engine, look for “Adobe Digital Editions” and when you enter the web, go to the “Download” or “Download” tab. EITHER tap this link to find it. Attention! It is important to download the version for windows either Mac according to your operating system.

♦Once the program has been downloaded, open it and go to the “Help” option. Click “Authorize team”. A box will open in which you have to fill in some information. In “Provider” select the option “Bajalibros”. In “Vendor ID” type the email registered in Bajalibros. In “Password” enter the same with which you access Bajalibros. (In case you don’t have a user yet, now is the time! Registration is very easy and fast: can be accessed from this link).

♦Then click “Authorize” and “Ok” and the reading program is already installed. The most important step is already done.

♦What remains is the most fun: looking for what to read. For that, go to

♦Once you are on the website, click on “Login” and enter your username and password. Then choose the book you like best to download.

♦ You choose it, follow the purchase steps and you can find it in the “My Books” menu. You click on “Download”.

♦Go back to the Adobe Digital Editions program and click “File” and then “Add to Library”.

♦A box will open in which you must select “Adobe content server message”. Immediately, a file titled “URLLINK” will appear. Select it and click “Open”.

♦Done! You already have your digital book, to which you can enlarge the font, underline and add notes, among others.

some titles of "Let's Read Library"
Some titles of “Leamos Library”

you can enter Let’s Read Librarychoose the text you want and try the different options of the ebook: make notes, highlight text, change the font or brightness.

You only have to click in this link and choose the title you prefer. You will find books of George Orwell, In Search of Lost Timeby Marcel Proust Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca, the myths of nutrition according to Francis Holway, the captiveand others by Esteban Echeverría and more.

A whole world.

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