A Ukrainian ship “Shlyakhovich” was blown up by a mine of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the mouth of the Danube – Russian Defense Ministry

Geographic vessel “Shlyakhovich” of the Hydrographic Service of Ukraine hit a mine APU at the mouth of the Danube. According to the information, experts checked the depth in the place where the explosive device was drifting.

The explosion happened last Thursday.

“On July 28, 2022, while measuring the depths of the fairway at the mouth of the Danube River, a small geographic vessel “Shlyakhovich” was blown up on a Ukrainian drifting mine,” said the head of the National Defense Control Center of Russia, Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev.

In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that 70 foreign ships from 16 states remain blocked in Ukrainian ports.

“The threat of shelling and the high mine danger created by official Kyiv do not allow ships to go to the open sea without hindrance,” the Russian military department concluded.

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