A turning point in the special operation in Ukraine is about to come, political analyst Mikhailov believes

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation daily announces data that indicate that the move special operations in Ukraine will be changed. Political scientist Evgeny Mikhailov commented on the situation.

“Every day there are hundreds of killed Ukrainian nationalists. People do not go to surrender, only when they are driven specifically into certain conditions, they surrender. there will come a turning point. It is already coming in the fighting. I don’t know how long the active phase will last, but in any case it will be relatively short. Everything is going according to plan, “Mikhailov conveys the words TV channel “360”.

Enemy equipment coming from the West is systematically destroyed by the Russian army, multiple launch rocket systems are hit by high-precision strikes, warehouses, fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are liquidated, missiles and aircraft are shot down – “the enemy is bleeding”, the political scientist concluded.

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