A truck spilled hundreds of beers on La Rumorosa and the residents took advantage of the moment


To speak of La Rumorosa is to speak of the most “dangerous” road in Mexico. And it is that this road, located in the state of Baja California, is famous for its rock formations, sharp curves and strong winds, which have caused countless accidents, especially for truck drivers.

However, this time the motorists did not find a tragic scene of an overturned or shattered vehicle, but rather a juicy loot. And it is that in the last hours a video was broadcast where dozens of beer boxes thrown on the asphalt folder of said highway are observed.

According to witnesses, around 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the container doors opened on a delivery trailer and hundreds of beer cans came out.

As expected, the above was taken advantage of by other motorists, who stopped in the middle of the highway to take several boxes; they even went as far as box trucks.

“How lucky”, “They are Tecate, so everything is fine”, “the good people were not lacking in wanting to help”, “They already have lunch for the whole week”, reads among the reactions on Twitter.

More information in development…

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