A third-grader keeps children and teachers of the Yekaterinburg school in fear

Third grader keeps teachers and students in fear Yekaterinburg school No. 52. Writes about it

According to the publication, the boy, who was left in the third grade for the second year, began to offend other students and smoke during breaks. In the publications of the Yekaterinburg media, it is also reported that the child runs around the educational institution with scissors and a lighter, not observing safety precautions.

The police are going to come to school number 52 with a check after numerous complaints about the third-grader.

At the same time, it was established that the boy’s family was not registered. Previously, the police officers had not received statements regarding this student. As the teachers explained, the student’s mother refuses to participate in solving problems.

Previously, it became known that Chelyabinsk region A first grader and his comrades robbed a store. The police detained the children and handed them over to their parents.

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