A skull in a cardboard box, another macabre discovery in a parcel bound for the United States

The bone remains were wrapped in a nylon bag (Customs)
The bone remains were wrapped in a nylon bag (Customs)

Specialized agents of the General Directorate of AFIP-Customs could not come out of their stupor to reveal the unusual shipment that contained a carton box. After going through the scanner, an international postal parcel, which left the city ​​of monte grande With direction to USArevealed the striking presence of human remains.

Wrapped in a nylon bag, the skull shape caused the customs inspectors to notify the Justice and thus obtained the respective authorization to open the package. The staff of the organization directed by Guillermo Michel found themselves with a skull in what constituted a flagrant infringement of the courier regime.

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For more surprises, inside the package there was a commercial invoice for 295 dollars and five pages with text in English whose title was: Guide for Importing Human Remains into the United States for Burial or Subsequent Cremation.

The skull kidnapped in the town of Monte Grande (Customs)
The skull kidnapped in the town of Monte Grande (Customs)

What the senders ignored, beyond the US laws, was to comply with the national regulations for this type of parcel. Since the shipment was human remains, the regime of postal parcels does not apply.

Therefore, before exporting a skeletal remains, the procedure had to have the endorsement of the National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (SENASA). When this is breached, the customs authorities they hijacked the postal delivery and they communicated to the prosecutor’s office on duty to submit their report to the acting court

In addition, an expert opinion will be made on the skull, since, if it is a piece with archaeological value, it must intervene National Institute of Anthropology and Latin American Thought.

On December 13, Customs found the mummified head of a child between the ages of 9 and 10 in a parcel dispatched in San Telmo bound for Brooklyn, New York. It had been dispatched the day before at a branch of Correo Argentino in San Telmo. She was detected at the Monte Grande international postal center, in the middle of a routine scan. It had its contents declared as a toy, a “handcrafted ornament of spider man”, as said by the sender. Nevertheless, the scanner revealed forms compatible with bones. Thus, the box was opened. There was indeed a spider man mask. Inside that mask, neatly wrapped in gauze, was the severed head of the childsupported by a gray wool cap, still with her facial features intact and her reddish hair.

The investigation was left to the National Economic Criminal Court No. 2, which ordered that the head be handed over to the PFA Tax Crimes Department for safekeeping. Later, was handed over to the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Teamwhich today analyzes the remains with a supplementary study of radiology entrusted to the Judicial Mortuary.

The remains traveled to Buenos Aires.  Whoever wore them talked about exporting them to the United States
The remains traveled to Buenos Aires. Whoever wore them talked about exporting them to the United States

This last Tuesday, Customs personnel in Clorinda found four human skulls in a suitcase, part of the luggage of a passenger on a long-distance bus traveling from Paraguay to Buenos Aires. The woman, a native of Venezuela, had an Argentine DNI and a declared address in Hurlingham, she receives various social plans and an unemployment benefit, according to her records. Until 2021 she had been an employee of a firm dedicated to cleaning buildings.

The micro of the firm Nueva Empresa Godoy was detained to a rigorous control while crossing the San Ignacio de Loyola International Bridge to enter Argentina. At that moment, the baggage scanner showed the silhouettes of the wreckage. Thus, the physical control of the luggage was carried out. Hidden among his personal belongings were the four complete human skulls, including jaws and teeth.

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