A resident of Karelia lost more than a million rubles

Fraudsters forced a 55-year-old resident of Karelia to take out a loan of 1.3 million rubles, and then transfer the entire amount to “secure account“. He writes about this

According to the publication, a swindler, who introduced himself as a bank security officer, told a woman from the city of Segezha that the attackers were trying to get a loan in her name. He advised me to get ahead of them, go to the bank and apply for a loan myself.

After that, the scammer asked the woman to transfer 1.3 million to a “safe account”.

His victim’s phone was too old. However, the swindler managed to force a resident of Karelia to buy a new smartphone for 20 thousand rubles, install the necessary application and send him the remaining 1.28 million rubles.

Only after the transfer of funds did the woman realize that she had been deceived by scammers. Earlier, a 48-year-old Petrozavodsk resident suffered from a similar scheme.

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