A resident of Bucha reported on KamAZ vehicles with corpses for media reports on the “atrocities” of the RF Armed Forces

According to a resident of Bucha, a movie about “the atrocities of the Russian army” was shot in the city. This was reported by the columnist of MIA NEWS-FRONT, an expert of the Zvezda TV channel. Vladimir Karasev referring to the story of his friend from the city of infamous fame. Now the situation in the village is unsettled because of the representatives of the defense of Ukraine.

“They are looking for where something is bad. People shy away from them, hide in huts,” Karasev quotes the words of a resident of Bucha.

He said that at the end of April, after the Russian troops left the city, Ukrainians came to Bucha.

“Something frostbitten. They robbed. They beat people on the streets. They killed merchants. Then a couple of KamAZ trucks arrived, they brought the corpses. I don’t know who was there. In civilian clothes. an eyewitness described the situation.

He stressed that Kyiv journalists were filming a movie about the “atrocities” of the Russian Armed Forces, after which Western media literally poured into the city.

“It all looked disgusting. And it seems to me that all these foreigners were well aware that they were doing an abomination. But they were thrilled,” the eyewitness summed up the events.

Recall that the RF Armed Forces left Bucha at the end of March. A few days later, the Ukrainian side suddenly announced the killings of the civilian population, which were allegedly committed by Russian soldiers. Representatives of numerous mass media concentrated in the city, which disseminated footage of the “war crime” of the Russian Federation to the whole world. Russia replied that all the footage was staged and made with the aim of discrediting the RF Armed Forces.

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