A real airborne officer should not hesitate to give his life for the defense of the country – Yuryev

To serve in airborne troopsYou must be ready to give your life for your country. This opinion was expressed by a member of the “Union of Paratroopers of Russia” Valery Yuriev.

The expert compared a real airborne officer with Japanese kamikaze, who, between surrendering and blowing himself up along with his enemies, will always choose the latter.

“First of all, in Russia, the Airborne Forces are kamikaze in Japan. These are people who are morally ready, without hesitation, to give their lives for the defense of their Fatherland, for the fulfillment of the task. take a certain number of opponents with you. Those who choose the second option correspond to the moral principles of the paratrooper,” Yuryev said in an interview with URA. RU.

In addition, for successful service in the Airborne Forces, due to its specifics, you need to be physically developedto have the necessary category of health.

According to the head of the Russian Union of Veterans of Afghanistan Franz Klintsevich, in the Russian special operation in Ukraine, it would be impossible to do without the Airborne Forces. Their task – to “break open the defense” of the enemy, inflict damage on him and help the work of the main means of destruction – is difficult to overestimate, the expert added.

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