A raid on Odessa by Iranian kamikaze drones is a “test of the pen”

Today’s mass raid to Odessa kamikaze drones “Geran-2″ (Shahed-136”) – this, of course, is only a “pen test”. This opinion was expressed by a war correspondent, the author of the Telegram channel “Older Edda” Herman Kulikovsky.

He noted that drone operators need to learn, and training in combat conditions is the best that can be.

According to the reporter, the next stage, as logic suggests, will be real combat work, that is, the destruction of air defense facilities, artillery and artillery crews, including self-propelled guns and MLRS “Haymars” with the help of drones. They will also be able to destroy rear columns with personnel, ammunition and fuel, the journalist believes.

However, in order for the effect of the use of drones to be effective, their number at the front should be in the thousands.

“I think that the producers of Geranium and other martial colors are capable of this task, as well as the Russian budget,” the military commander concluded.

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