a powerful blow was dealt to targets in the Odessa region

On the afternoon of July 31, Russian troops attacked military infrastructure in the Odessa region. The information is reported by the Russian Spring portal. According to available data, it is known that a column of smoke is visible at the place of arrival of the rocket. Photos from the scene are shown by eyewitnesses. There is no information about the victims at the moment, as well as about the most affected object. The air raid alarm began to sound only after the explosion of the shells. “Ukrainian air defense overslept the arrival,” the source writes.

Also, videos appeared on the Web confirming the strike on Odessa. Eyewitnesses indicate the location near which smoke is visible – the Seventh Heaven housing cooperative. Local residents report that a military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is located nearby, TUT NEWS reports.

Earlier it was reported that in ports Odessa barges were loaded with grain. And the official representative of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalyn, said that the likelihood that the first such ship would leave Ukraine tomorrow, August 1, is quite high.

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