A pensioner from Nizhny Tagil gave 5 million rubles to scammers

Fraudsters managed to trick a resident of Nizhny Tagil into parting with an impressive amount. The pensioner did not believe the police and transferred 5 million rubles to the criminals.

A phone call rang in the apartment of a lonely grandmother, and the fraudster, introducing himself as a policeman, told the woman that she was suspected of financial crimes. After the pensioner managed to scare, the swindler forced her to transfer 5 million rubles to the specified details.

The woman closed two of her bank accounts and additionally took out a loan. Then she herself called the local police department to inquire about the investigation into her case. Law enforcement officers immediately figured out the situation and tried to convince the pensioner that she was a victim of deception, but to no avail.

Calls from scammers stopped only after an elderly Tagil woman sent the entire amount to the criminals, writes the portal Only then did she agree to write a statement to the police.

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