A penny business: how to save on notification services for transactions from banks

For example, Otkritie Bank increased the fee for SMS notifications for debit, credit and part of salary cards from 59 rubles to 99 rubles per month in winter. Alfa-Bank also has one of the highest commissions on the market – also 99 rubles.

At the same time, often one of the banks notifies customers about the change in conditions, someone continues to remain silent “maybe they won’t notice.” On the forums, clients of different banks admit that the question is, in fact, “penny”, and the service is often necessary, but the silence of banks does not play in their favor.

However, information about tariff changes is published on the bank’s website. “This is the general order usually. But consumers do not always follow the updates, so tariff changes come as a surprise to many, ”Director of the Fund “For the Rights of Borrowers” Evgenia Lazareva.

In Sberbank, journalists from Komsomolskaya Pravda were told that from August 1, the cost of the bank’s service “Notices of Operations” will change. “Depending on the type of card, it will be 40 or 70 rubles per month. At the same time, customers have the opportunity to significantly save on the service or receive it for free by subscribing to SberPrime+ or fulfilling the conditions for SberCard. Sbercard credit notifications are still provided free of charge”,bank said in a statement. Sberbank explains the increase in value by the significantly increased volume of business and the expansion of the functionality of the service.

By the way, for the first time in 20 years of the existence of such a service, the price increase will be 10 rubles. And social categories of customers can arrange a service at Sberbank at a significantly lower cost.

I think that the change in the cost of notifications in banks is dictated by a significant increase in transactional activity of clients and a 2-fold increase in the number of notifications sent over the past 5 years. For example, the bank actively added notifications on deposits and accounts to the service, – comments Andrey Kiselev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CER.RF. – Of course, we are talking only about the paid component, you can receive regular SMS messages with a code for free. But in our time, such paid notifications protect bank customers, and the cost of services is not so tangible, since the payment is made for a month.”

Recall that connecting the notification service in Russian banks makes it possible to see your current balance after making purchases, transfers or, for example, crediting. It is also possible to get up-to-date information not only about the latest payments and transfers on the card, but also about risky transactions on deposits – write-offs, opening or closing of a power of attorney. The bank informs not only about successful, but also about unsuccessful operations on the card or account.

“The service of SMS notifications has long become familiar to Russian consumers of financial services. Most customers note the convenience of informing the bank about completed transactions and changes in account balances. It is impossible not to pay attention to the growth of costs of Russian banks, especially in the category of high-tech services, where banks use electronic communication services, communication and server equipment. Obviously, the cost of such services had to increase for customers. Despite the increase in costs, prompt informing customers about completed transactions in the current conditions is of the highest priority, since it allows you to prevent or disavow the actions of scammers that have become more active lately,” – agrees banking market expert Andrey Barkhota.

He said the increased notification fee encourages customers with multiple cards to analyze their usefulness and reduce the number of banks and their products used, thereby choosing the most favorable conditions and increasing the efficiency of using funds. “Ultimately, this increases the level of the competitive environment, forcing banks to offer options and bonuses that are beneficial to customers,”says the expert.

Evgenia Lazareva does not believe that the refusal of notifications and messages will be more secure, since their complete absence will make attempts of unauthorized access to the application or the client’s accounts completely invisible, deprive him of the chance to respond and his protection in such situations.

But despite the increase in the price of the service, notifications in Sberbank will still cost at the level of other banks or cheaper. So, in Alfa Bank and Otkritie, the cost of the notification service is 99 rubles. In VTB and Tinkoff Bank, receiving messages about transactions will cost 59 rubles. monthly, in Raiffeisenbank – 60 rubles, Post Bank customers spend 69 rubles each.

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