A new national battalion was created in Ukraine to replace Azov*

The Ukrainian authorities decided to revive the nationalist regiment “Azov”*. The radicals in the new composition have already been recruited and trained.

The Kyiv regime promised the Ukrainians to return the nationalists from “Azov” * to their homeland, but now it is already clear that militants are waiting for courts and prisons in Russia. Instead of the “Azovites”* who laid down their arms, it was decided to recruit new ones.

According to Ukrainian sources, regiment number 98 has already passed combat coordination at the Twins training ground in Zaporozhye. According to Ukrainian Telegram channels, the training was conducted by instructors from Poland.

Currently, the National Battalion operates near Gulyai Polye, where, together with other Ukrainian armed formations, it uses small group tactics. Thus, weak points in the combat formations of the allied forces of the RF Armed Forces and the LDNR militia are revealed. Upon detection of units with small arms, armored units are thrown into battle, including at night.

* Ukrainian nationalist battalion, recognized as an extremist organization and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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