A new format for future military training has been named. What will change and when

Reserve servicemen are regularly called up for military training now, and have been called up for them all past years

Reserve servicemen are regularly called up for military training now, and have been called up for them all past years

A photo: Oleg Ukladov

State Duma deputy, Lieutenant General Viktor Sobolev caused a stir with one statement. He stated that military officers over 30 years of age would be called up for military training.

– Those who are over 30 years old (by age – author’s note) will be involved in training camps in order to receive a military specialty. To do this, a lot, a lot needs to be done, including we must have a trained mobilization reserve.

However, in fact, neither now, nor even in the near future, by and large, nothing will change. But what does this mean?

So, reserve servicemen are regularly called up for military training now, and they were called up for them all the past years. The order of the Minister of Defense was issued, and adult men left home for a maximum of 2 months.

The most important feature that united these men was their age. Starting from 28 years old. And ending with 45 years for the rank and file and 50 for junior officers. Why is that? The answer is simple and logical – citizens who have reached the age of 27 have finished conscripting for military service. Therefore, they called for training camps starting at the age of 28, and it didn’t and doesn’t matter whether you served or simply received a military ID by age.

What are they planning to change in our country in the near future in terms of conscription? They want to shift his age limits towards growing up. If now they call from 18 to 27, then the new range will be from 21 to 30. And it is logical that the call-up of storekeepers for military training will also be shifted. And the military registration and enlistment offices will begin to count the corresponding contingent, starting from 30 years.

But legislation on this has not yet been adopted. And while the old order is in effect. As a matter of fact, Sobolev himself said that all these changes will take place after the adoption of the law on raising the draft age. But for some reason, no attention was paid to this part of his speech.

There is one more “uncomfortable” passage in the general’s statements, which allows, in the presence of a rich imagination, to lament “horror-horror.” And we are talking about the fact that those who did not serve will receive a military registration specialty. As a matter of fact, according to the current law, the same thing is happening now, although in smaller volumes than required, if in a good way. It is easier for military registration and enlistment offices to pull those who have served to the training camp than to look for teachers, benefits and everything else that is required for training and obtaining a higher educational institution for newcomers. And the only thing that will definitely change in the new conditions at military training camps is that they will no longer spend time playing cards, dominoes or chess, and all the time, except for the time allotted according to the schedule for personal recreation, will begin to study, master a specialty, a new equipment, etc.

And, by the way, another big question is whether the initiatives of General and Deputy Viktor Sobolev will be implemented. Even before that, he offered to send “all youth to military training,” although the country is not yet ready for such a program.

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