A mother fulfilled her deceased daughter’s dream of seeing Bad Bunny: “I know you were there from heaven”

(Photo: TikTok/Bad Bunny)
(Photo: TikTok/Bad Bunny)

He traveled more than 800 kilometers, without tickets or lodging, but with a clear objective: to sing very loudly at the concert. Bad Bunny in the BBVA Bancomer Stadium, Monterey.

It is the story of a Chihuahuan mother, who did everything possible to fulfill the dream of Tania, her recently deceased daughter. Through the platform TikTok A video in which the user Maria Lopez Valdez shared the journey of the woman, who recorded the journey she undertook in memory of her daughter, went viral.

He arrived just a day before the presentation, with the hotels full and the city full of fans, even with all this, he achieved his goal: to enter the presentation that the bad bunny I would give in Monterrey for his tour World’s Hottest Tour and listen to the song that today, on a plaque, accompanies the grave of Tania Gabriela.

“For a long time I have listened to my heart. And the days go by, the months thinking about your smell. The time has come to use reason. Before it’s too late and I inadvertently split in do’”, says the first verse of Pretty eyesa song with which the family remembers Gaby, as they called her affectionately.

And it is that the young woman died in Chihuahua on May 5 of this year —this December 13, he would be 22 years old— because his diabetes (a disease he had suffered since he was 8 years old) became complicated, leading to a Diabetic cetoacidosiswhich ended his life.

“We will always remember her as the great girl she was: intelligent and hardworking (…) We remember her with the same love that she always gave us,” reads one of the videos dedicated to Gaby.

Thus, with a photo in hand, Tania’s mother fulfilled her daughter’s dream and sang powerfully in the Monterrey stadium: “And just look at me with those pretty eyes.”

“I know that from heaven you were in that place. You showed it to your mom,” wrote the user who made the video that is circulating on networks today.

In october This year a similar story occurred with the arrival of Rammstein to Mexico. Prior to the event, an elderly lady was caught in the entry lines to the event, which took place at the Foro Sol. The woman was wearing a band shirt with the legend:

“Son, life is not enough for you to be here today… I have come accompanying your brother on your behalf. My eyes, ears and heart will be your means to be in this concert until eternity, ”he read as a pledge.

The photograph went viral on social networks, where fans of Rammstein They were very excited and sent many messages to the woman.

“I don’t know who it is, ma’am, but I assure you that your son was able to listen to that concert as far as he is” wrote Nestor Becerra.


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