A misfortune happened to Elena Proklova, who had changed beyond recognition due to a stroke

The actress was recovering from a stroke for a long time

The actress was recovering from a stroke for a long time

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Elena Proklova A year ago I faced serious health problems. The actress at the beginning of 2022 was in the hospital with a stroke. Months of rehabilitation, difficult recovery – the artist was even able to go on the stage. But exactly one year after the stroke Elena Igorevna went back to the doctors.

Elena Proklova ended up in the hospital with a compound fracture. The star seriously undermined his health. An accident happened to the 69-year-old Honored Artist of the RSFSR in the Crimea.

Proklova injured her leg, but continued to go on stage. She played performances while sitting in a wheelchair. Initially, the actress thought that the pain was due to a minor dislocation. But after the fifth performance, Elena Igorevna became unwell. X-ray showed a displaced fracture.

The celebrity was urgently hospitalized in the Botkin hospital and had an operation, as a result of which a plate was installed. “I’m fighting for my health, because rehearsals of a new play should begin on the 16th. We agreed that there would be a gurney and I would rehearse in it … I’m ready to leave even tomorrow. You know, houses and walls are being treated … “- quotes her RIA News. She also said that relatives are visiting her.

Recall that last year on New Year’s holidays actress suffered a stroke. Proklova said that she felt very bad. The blow overtook the star of the film “Be my husband” during a tour in St. Petersburg. “I could neither stand up, nor sit down, nor raise my head. I was vomiting. I said goodbye to life for myself,” she recalled Elena Igorevna.

The artist recovered for a long time after a stroke. She has changed beyond recognition. “The brains remained in shape, I remember all my roles and monologues. The motor ability was not affected, so I walk and move normally,” said the star.

She calls her stroke the hardest test. “Every morning I really thank the Lord for waking up and I have one more day of life. More precisely, I perceive every day as a whole life,” concluded screen star.


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