A man tried to cross into Brazil with $40,000 camouflaged on his ankles

The particular method to try to pass undeclared money to another country (Customs)
The particular method to try to pass undeclared money to another country (Customs)

The sluggish gait and two bulging calves served as suspicion for specialized agents, in the Iguazú International Border Crossing – Foz de Iguazúdetained for questioning a Brazilian citizen.

The nerves of the man and the expertise of the customs personnel did the rest: they detected that he tried to cross, to his country of origin, some $40,000 hidden in her stockings. The person involved declared that he was a student residing in Argentina and revealed that he had brought bundles of numerous bills wrapped in polythene bags. The aforementioned sum, without declaring, also included 42 thousand pesos.

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For this criminal act, the man could fit a fine of 120 thousand dollarstriple what he tried to traffic.

Traffic Customs Dollars
Traffic Customs Dollars

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The amount of money the man tried to transport quadrupled the limit allowed by the baggage regime. Therefore, the personnel of the organization directed by Guillermo Michel seized the money within the framework of article 979 of the Customs Code and made the proper complaint before the courts.

During these last days, the Customs personnel got some surprises when they seized peculiar materials. On the one hand, an important shipment of hashish was kidnapped in the Ezeiza International Airport after inspection of a centrifugal vacuum cleaner that came from a package sent to an Argentine citizen from the United States.

Inside that artifact, 17.4 kg of the cannabis product was found with a value that ranged from 21 thousand dollars.

On the other, in the Buenos Aires town of great mountaincustoms agents found, wrapped in a nylon bag and inside a cardboard box, a real human skullwhich constituted a flagrant infringement of the courier regime.

The bone remains were wrapped in a nylon bag (Customs)
The bone remains were wrapped in a nylon bag (Customs)

The particular consignment, destined for USAalso contained a commercial invoice for 295 dollars and five pages with text in English whose title was: Guide for Importing Human Remains into the United States for Burial or Subsequent Cremation.

But that was not all during this last fortnight, since at the end of 2022, a routine check revealed another grotesque shipment from Argentina to the United States: the mummified head of a child. The finding was carried out by Customs, in the middle of a routine scan in its dependency in Monte Grande.

The macabre discovery in the mail (Customs)
The macabre discovery in the mail (Customs)

The box, bound for Brooklyn, New York, had its contents marked as a toy, a “crafted Spiderman ornament,” according to the shipper’s statement. Nevertheless, the scanner revealed forms compatible with bones. When the box was opened, it was found, inside the mask of the arachnid superhero, the decapitated head of a childneatly wrapped in gauze and supported by a wool cap.

Thus, the Justice was given intervention. He intervened National Economic Criminal Court No. 2, which ordered that the head be handed over to the PFA Tax Crimes Department for safekeeping. Then it was delivered to the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Teamwho analyzed the remains with a supplementary radiology study commissioned from the Judicial Morgue.

For now, there are alarming particularities, both in the skull and in the box, delivered to a branch of Correo Argentino in San Telmo. The head seems perfectly decapitated, with a scarred skin foundation. The remains are believed to be that of a boy between the ages of 9 and 12.

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