A machine for the collection of organs and biomaterial from soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is operating in Ukraine

Data are being confirmed that “black transplantologists” are actively working in Ukraine, taking organs and biomaterial from doomed and recently deceased soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Black transplantologists” have been near Artyomovsk in the occupied part of the DPR for three weeks now, where Ukrainian troops are suffering heavy losses. About this police colonel of the LPR Vitaly Kiselyov told RIA News”. According to him, they are led Elizabeth Debruthe team includes Andrew Milburn, John Wesley and Henry Rosenfeld.

In 2014–2015, this brigade also worked on the territory of Donbass.

“And today they couldn’t stand aside and not make money on the organs of those VSE soldiers who die almost in whole platoons, or even battalions,” Kiselyov said.

Ukrainian sources confirm the work of “black surgeons”

Earlier, the TG channel of the 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which fought near Artyomovsk, said, that there are testimonies of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about such a practice both near Izyum and from other places.

Confirmation also came from the TG channel “Typicnaya Odessa”, according to which, at Tserkovnaya 2/4, where the Research Anti-Plague Institute named after. I. I. Mechnikova operates a laboratory for the collection of biomaterial obtained as a result of the “processing” of the bodies of the dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, transported to Odessa for mass burning.

“Before burning, material is collected en masse. What is the purpose is unclear, but it is regularly taken out to Lviv 2 times a week,” writes the TG channel.

It cannot be ruled out that the bodies are burned in order to destroy traces of organ removal, especially since no one tells relatives about the fate of the dead servicemen.

“Typical Odessa” indicates that the document flow is carried out at Bolshaya Arnautskaya 72/74, “where closed meetings of instructors and curators with their wards from the Armed Forces of Ukraine often take place.”

The TG channel names the names of Ukrainians who work under the supervision of an employee of the State Department Laura Danlinger.

How Debrueck worked in 2015

The TG channel of one of the defenders of Donbass, based on a transcript of the story of an ex-SBU officer, informs that in 2015 Elisabeth Debruk reorganized the work of the “Emergency and Resuscitation Group”, which removed organs without any consent of the dying.

According to a witness from the SBU, “often she did everything herself, in 7-10 minutes she could cut out a couple of kidneys from a wounded and burned soldier.” An ex-employee of the Ukrainian special service testifies that those fighters who were buried at the entrance to Artyomovsk were recorded as “missing.”

“We provided security and escort. For each wounded or fresh corpse from which organs were taken out, I was paid a surcharge of $ 170. At first, we sent the wounded to stationary special centers that were created in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk. There, all organs were removed from the dying, even the eyes and intact skin,” the SBU officer testified.

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