a high-ranking employee of the Federal Air Transport Agency was arrested for a bribe

Maxim Pavlyuk, a high-ranking official of the Federal Air Transport Agency, was arrested for accepting a large bribe, the 112 Telegram channel reports. Together with him, two more persons involved in the case, who acted as intermediaries, are involved in the case.

According to the channel, Pavlyuk heads the department of the highest qualification commission (VKK) of the Federal Air Transport Agency. He was detained for taking a bribe in the amount of 1.5 million rubles. For illegal remuneration, he promised the pilots to turn a blind eye to checks and not cancel their pilot’s licenses. After the search, the Court took Pavliuk into custody.

As for the other two defendants, only their names are known – Natalya Mitina and Andrey Chernikov. The first is also in custody, and the second has been placed under house arrest.

Earlier it was reported that the Sheremetyevo trade union of flight personnel (SHPLS) sent a letter to the Federal Air Transport Agency, which refers to the increasing cases of dismissals of pilots from airlines based on the results of internal exams. It explains that companies are trying to reduce staff in any way, so dozens of pilots cannot pass these exams. The organization proposed to give the pilots the opportunity to appeal the results of the checks, as well as to involve independent instructors from the Federal Air Transport Agency.

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