A grenade launcher, a gift from Ukraine, exploded at the headquarters of the Polish police. There are three versions

The media reported a new

The media reported a new “mysterious explosion” – this time in Warsaw, and not just anywhere, but at the police headquarters

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Ukrainian weapons continue to wreak havoc in the vastness of the Commonwealth. Exactly one month ago, on November 15, in the area of ​​the Eastern Polish the village of Przevoduv a rocket fellwhich resulted in the death of two local residents. According to the most likely version, which even the traditionally Russophobic US and NATO officials did not deny, it was about the Ukrainian S-300 system, which for some unknown reason opened “friendly fire” on the border Lublin Voivodeship.

Now the media have reported a new “mysterious explosion” – this time in Warsaw, and not just anywhere, but at the police headquarters. The incident occurred on the morning of Wednesday, December 14, under the office of the head of the department – Major General Yaroslav Shimchik. The results are a collapsed ceiling, coupled with the hospitalization of the officer himself. Another employee who was nearby was slightly injured.

However, instead of the expected “hand of Moscow” in the tragicomic terrorist attack, a … Ukrainian trace surfaced. As reported by the Polish media, on December 11-12, a high-ranking police officer went on a working visit to Nezalezhnaya, talked with colleagues from local special services, who gave him a grenade launcher.

Let’s leave behind the scenes the questions of how such a “toy” could be dragged through the Ukrainian-Polish border (the police are not an army, they are not supposed to have heavy weapons), and why even keep such a dangerous exhibit in a charged state – any Varsovian will proudly remind you national proverb: “Polska Nierzadem stoi”. Literally – “Poland is in disarray.”

However, the competing agency, the prosecutor’s office, began a detailed investigation incident. CCTV footage is being reviewed and eyewitnesses are being questioned. There are at least three versions: the police tried to study the gift, but failed to cope with an unfamiliar device; it detonated itself (there is a lot of evidence of the poor quality of Ukrainian and Western weapons exploding in the hands of the shooters themselves); finally, theoretically, a “bookmark” can be added to the grenade launcher so that after a while it involuntarily fires – however, in this case it is not very clear why.

And all this once again raises the issue of shady arms trafficking from Ukraine: dangerous “toys”, including those from the latest Western deliveries, spread all over the world through smuggling schemes until it rumbles somewhere – like on Wednesday in Warsaw.

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