A former colleague of Yaroslav Dronov, known under the pseudonym Shaman, revealed his secrets

About a singer named Shaman (real name Yaroslav Dronov) -

About a singer named Shaman (real name Yaroslav Dronov) – “the discovery of the year”, “our hope” and almost a new national idea – the Network is buzzing, choking.


O a singer named Shaman (real name Yaroslav Dronov) – “the discovery of the year”, “our hope” and almost a new national idea – the Network is buzzing, choking. Like, finally, against the backdrop of liberals and defectors, we have true patriotic artist: young, fashionable, vociferous, incredibly talented. The first hit of Yaroslav Dronov under the pseudonym Shaman – “Stand up” turned out to be just in time and has already gained 21 million views on YouTube. And the song “I’m Russian” did the effect of an exploding bomb: all VIPs of show business spoke about a singer named Shaman in exceptionally enthusiastic terms. And only Sobchak was against it.

– “I am Russian, and I was lucky. I am Russian to spite the whole world, ”Xenia quoted the chorus in her telegram channel. – No, this is not a skinhead fan chant from the 90s. This is the singer Shaman, who is now actively promoted, including on the air with Kiselev. I honestly don’t understand why, in order to self-identify, we always need to oppose ourselves to someone. Why is the patriotic lyrics of modern Russia built on universal resentment and at the same time pride that we are not like everyone else?

And besides, Sobchak, in her best traditions, arranged for the hero to be exposed. It turned out that Shaman, who is also a former participant in the Voice show, Yaroslav Dronov, is the husband of a well-known top manager and PR woman. Doesn’t this mean that big money is behind his success?

To learn more about Yaroslav Dronov, aka Shaman, the site decided more from his former colleague Alexey Demin, director of the cover group “Rush Hour”, where Yaroslav used to sing. And, of course, we must take into account that since they parted in conflict, it is difficult to say how objective his words are.


– Yaroslav Dronov and I have not been working for five years. He met a woman who was a top manager. She began to come to our concerts and set some incredible conditions.

What conditions did she set for you?

– Absolutely impossible. First, the fee. At that time, our team received 130-140 thousand rubles for the performance for six people. And she demanded 80 thousand to pay one Yaroslav. But in cover bands it doesn’t work like that: here the whole band doesn’t revolve around one soloist.

– But Yaroslav was married by that time. It turns out that this lady took him away not only from the group, but also from the family?

– No, it’s not. Yar by that time, although he was not officially divorced, lived a free life. His first wife Marina did not want to move to Moscow, and the guy just dropped his hands. So the relationship came to an end.

Did his departure from the band hurt you a lot?

– Still would. We had concerts scheduled, which had to be urgently canceled, to look for a new soloist. As a group director, I got a lot of problems. Shortly before his departure, I found us a woman investor who agreed to invest 6 million rubles in the group. She has already paid part of the money: we shot a video, bought instruments, and suddenly such a fiasco. But the main thing that I regret is that we invested all the money we earned in the recording of copyright songs by Yaroslav Dronov. Naturally, this repertoire remained with him. And all my efforts, it turns out, flew into the pipe.


– Was his appearance in a new image – an artist named Shaman with patriotic songs – unexpected for you?

– Of course not. After all, all these years I have been following his work on social networks, I have seen all his attempts to find a new image. By the way, Yaroslav himself is very furious when Shaman-a is compared with the early Yaroslav Dronov, his former repertoire is admired. He wants to erase everything that was before, and therefore constantly demands to remove the old videos of the group with his participation, the YouTube administration complains. Often, he, as the copyright holder of the songs, is met halfway. But the Internet remembers everything.

– What did he sing after leaving the band?

– His first tracks in solo swimming are such hookah rap. Yaroslav tried to completely shovel his role, took a pseudonym, followed the trends and became like Eldzhey. It did not suit him terribly, he did not look organic in this.

– And under what pseudonym did Yaroslav rap?

– Yes, under the same, Shaman. It must be admitted that he is an extremely talented guy. But with the repertoire around rap did not work. I think his current producer Viktor Drobysh, as an experienced person, gave him the right direction. But for some reason they did not change their style and appearance: they left dreadlocks and wide trousers. Although for me it’s like Snoop Dogg (American rapper. – Ed.) Will come out and sing the songs “Lube”. After all, you are churning out the image of a Russian guy, but in fact there is zero Russian in him. Dreadlocks are actually Jamaica. I would take and shoot him a video in which I would chop off these braids. That would be the bomb!

Yaroslav Dronov, known under the pseudonym Shaman, refused to work with the singer Pelageya

Yaroslav Dronov, known under the pseudonym Shaman, refused to work with the singer Pelageya



– You’re a man of show business, you know this cuisine. Do you think Shaman could “shoot” without money – all these millions of views, television broadcasts, invitations to festivals?

– Millions of views don’t just happen. Our industry directly depends on the amount of money invested. When we worked with Yaroslav Dronov, I planned to do what he is doing now – the so-called “sowing campaign”: when an artist’s hit starts to sound from each iron at the same time, when everyone around is only talking about him. Do you think bloggers just sing the song “I am Russian” in unison? All this can be bought with money. Also, Drobysh, most likely, asked his friends to mention the talented guy Shaman somewhere. It’s all a powerful PR campaign. Usually such things require money, and a lot of money. For example, 1 million views on the Internet costs 1 million rubles, if these are organic, that is, real views. PR agencies that are engaged in “sowing” once gave me such a price tag. At the start, when no one knows you, promotion is very expensive, then it is cheaper.


“There is no big money there. But there is hope for an administrative resource.”

As indicated on the official website, the artist named Shaman has a schedule for the next year – tours throughout Russia almost every day. And the icing on the cake is a solo album in March 2023 at the Crocus City Hall, where Leps, Kirkorov and all other VIPs traditionally perform. Is it possible to organize such a tour for a young artist without money and connections?

– Now many do not understand – like Shaman appeared yesterday, and tomorrow he has a solo album in Crocus, – the television and music producer shared with Dmitry Ashurov. – It happens differently here: sometimes an artist is not very media, but popular among the people and tickets will really be sold out for him. But sometimes in show business, on the contrary, false tours are practiced: they prescribe tours that don’t really exist in order to create an aura of demand. How it is with Yaroslav Dronov – time will tell.

I don’t think there is a lot of money there. Now the artist’s team is watching how this whole patriotic story will go, and will continue to think about the repertoire. They hope that the administrative resource will be connected, there will be state support. Then there may be Kremlin concerts, and broadcasts on federal channels – yes, anything. And then it is especially important that Shaman be truly a patriot, and not just try to cut the dough and popularity, based on the agenda.



According to Alexei Demin, it was he who helped Yaroslav Dronov to move to Moscow at one time and sent him to the Voice show, where in 2015 he took second place.

– We pulled him out of Novomoskovsk (Yaroslav’s hometown in the Tula region. – Ed.), Rented an apartment for him here and at first they even paid for it until he got on his feet, – said the ex-director. – And I sent him to Golos on the last day of accepting applications, although he himself was against it. As I remember now, we arrived at the shopping center, bought a laptop, asked the consultant for the Wi-Fi password, and in an hour, having collected all his records on the Web, filled out an application. So he got to Channel One without any cronyism, literally from the street. Whatever one may say, he sings really well, the audience adored him. And Pelageya’s mentor, more precisely, her mother, Svetlana Khanova, who rules everything in her daughter’s affairs, had her own plans for Yaroslav. They wanted to take Yarik into the group so that he and Pelageya went on tour. It is not surprising that he reached the final on the show, since the mentor had her own financial interest. But Yaroslav eventually refused to work with Pelageya: our group earned good money, shot videos, got into rotation on the radio. And to be on the vocals with Pelageya is a supporting role. He was not interested.


And what will the Shaman himself say?

The artist’s PR people, who were approached by the website, refused to speak: they say, they have already talked with the media – “we don’t give any more comments.” So questions about an influential spouse, paid YouTube views and a difficult parting with colleagues from the Rush Hour group remained unanswered.

However, the other day Shaman-Dronov showed an example of an adequate response to criticism, peacefully responding to Ksenia Sobchak: “Ksenia, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your powerful support and for taking an active part in promoting my work.”

And even earlier, in an interview with the YouTube show “Alena, damn it!” the singer spoke about leaving the Rush Hour group. And again, not a single harsh word addressed to former colleagues:

– In 2017, I left the cover band because I realized: this is the road to nowhere. Because the mentality of a person from a cover band and a person who wants to become a big artist are two different worlds. Yes, I stayed broke. There were some savings on which I existed, some rare work. But I was preparing myself to become a great artist: I was sitting at home and writing songs, – Shaman admitted.

And besides, the singer refused to talk about his personal life after the divorce. Like, on the “Voice” he made a mistake when he introduced his wife and parents to the public – excessive attention fell on them, which the relatives did not need at all. Therefore, now Shaman is silent: “Personal life – that’s why it’s personal.”

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