“A feeling of omnipotence. And permissiveness “: Mark Varshaver explained why actress Alexandra Zakharova is suing the theater

Lenkom director Mark Varshaver explained why actress Alexandra Zakharova is suing the theater

Lenkom director Mark Varshaver explained why actress Alexandra Zakharova is suing the theater


Nov. 1 in the Tverskoy Court of Moscow a meeting was to be held on the claim of the actress Alexandra Zakharova to the theater “Lenkom”. But he was moved. But the questions remained. Actually, because of what again the court? Just a month ago, the actress had already been denied copyright claims on her father’s performances – directed by Mark Zakharov. And here again. All the same actors: Alexandra Zakharova against Lenkom. And still the same hereditary litigation.

Alexandra Markovna does not comment on the new process. But her opponents – willingly. For clarification, we turned to Lenkom.

According to the theater director Mark Varshaver, Alexandra Zakharova has already lost four trials with the theater. But he doesn’t give up. If earlier she claimed the rights to only 4 performances by Mark Zakharov (“Jester Balakirev”, “Royal Games”, “The Marriage of Figaro”, “Memorial Prayer”), now she claims everything.

– She wants to get the rights to all the performances of her dad, – Mark Varshaver believes. – But the theater has nothing to do with Mark Zakharov’s copyright. Mark Anatolyevich entered into contracts directly with production companies. He sold the rights to the performances and received a handsome reward. Alexandra Markovna knows this very well. She must have contracts that remained after her father. One copy was kept by the producer, the other by Zakharov, and now by his daughter. You don’t have to be seven spans in the forehead to understand this. But Alexandra Markovna continues to demand something from the theater.

– If so, why file new lawsuits?

– I explain only by the desire to harm me, the director of the theater, as much as possible. But for me, her actions are like a mosquito bite. Unfortunately, she does not care about her colleagues, about the theater. She was used to the feeling of omnipotence. And permissiveness. But the situation has changed, and she cannot accept it.

– Alexandra Zakharova is playing today?

– She has two performances left in her repertoire: “The Cherry Orchard” (plays Ranevskaya) and “Crazy Day, or the Marriage of Figaro” (Countess Almaviva). We show these performances once or twice a month. There are second compositions. Zakharova has no new roles. In “Running” Alexander Lazarev (he is the director of the production) did not offer her anything. Marat Gatsalov will direct The Inspector General. There is also no role for an older actress.

– Agree, it offends.

– Of course. Previously, she played 7-8 main roles in the performances of Mark Zakharov. No composition. In order not to introduce a second cast for her role, it was not introduced at all for anyone. As a result, 80% of the troupe did not play. When Alexandra Markovna flew abroad with her father (she accompanied him for treatment), the performances in which she was busy (which is 7-8 titles) were filmed and everyone was waiting for her return. The theater could only show “Juno and Avos” for a week. Today there is no such thing. Substitutions are very rare. The whole troupe is playing.

– Including Lyudmila Porgina, the widow of Nikolai Karachentsov?

– Yes, she is finally busy in the repertoire. Plays in nine titles. The truth is in the crowd, which she is dissatisfied with, they say, she used to play the main roles (which she never had), and now she only has a “passage with a candle”. With a candle or without a candle, but still goes on stage and earns a salary.

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