A farmer from the Donetsk region evacuated 400 sheep to Volyn, more than a hundred died under shelling

A farmer from the Donetsk region evacuated nearly 400 sheep to Volhynia after Russian troops destroyed his home and part of his flock.

This is reported Publicreports Ukrinform.

It is noted that Vladimir Alekhin bred sheep for many years in Pavlovka in the Donetsk region. Fighting is underway in the man’s native village, his home was destroyed by Russian troops. In Pavlovka, the herd numbered 520 animals. About 400 sheep reached Volhynia.

“I had 100 heads in one shot. There was mortar shelling. I stood in the pasture, tried to drive it away, but still got it,” Alekhin said.

The man drove the surviving herd from the war zone on foot for more than 50 kilometers. I filmed how I saved animals from shelling.

The shepherd brought his flock to Volhynia on an animal truck. He settled in the village of Novostav, not far from Lutsk.

A sheepdog from the Donetsk region is helped by Volyn farmer Vasily Melnyk. Their sheep are now in the same herd, and the men say they don’t know where whose.

“I offered him to come to me. He thought for a long time, because it was a long way to go. We helped him and he came to us. He is not only hardworking, he is a plowman. He stands for Ukraine with a mountain. He did not want to live with the Russians and came to us “Melnik said.

Together with the farmer and the herd, two assistants were evacuated from the Donetsk region – dogs of the sheep-breeding breed Border-Koli Lyusya and Roshen.

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As Ukrinform reported, farmers in the occupied territories need to record the facts of grain theft as much as possible so that after the de-occupation a legal assessment is carried out and compensation is received. Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Solsky stressed that after the de-occupation, several solutions will be proposed, similar to how citizens submit data on destroyed housing in electronic form. These solutions are currently being developed.

Photo: Public Lutsk

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