a decrease in the number of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine affects the fighting

The liquidation of Ukrainian military personnel during a special operation has a detrimental effect on the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, the Ukrainian defense brigades are losing their stability. Told about it military expert Boris Rozhin.

The expert gave an analogy with Severodonetsk, when foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian special forces had to participate in hostilities.

“As the Armed Forces continue to advance and grind down the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, this problem for the enemy will grow. This will affect the quality of the conduct of hostilities,” Rozhin said in an interview with

Rozhin also predicted the sequence of further actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the DPR and the LPR after taking control of the Slavic-Kramatorsk direction. In his opinion, after that, it will be necessary to move towards Krasnoarmeysk, which is being defended by the Ukrainian military.

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