A dangerous trend not in favor of Ukraine was noted in Poland – Yana Fedyura

24% of Polish residents are convinced that Ukrainian conflict must be stopped by any means, even if Kyiv has to cede territory. 15 percent decided not to comment on the alleged talks between Ukraine and Russia.

“That is, we can say that up to 40% of Poles, in principle, perceive Russia’s concessions as acceptable,” said the Vice Speaker of the Lviv City Council Yana Fedyura on the air of NTA TV channel.

She stressed that Warsaw is the main ally of Kyiv, but even the Poles are in favor of negotiations with Moscow. These citizens can then cast their vote in favor of another government and elect another president who will meet the interests of the people, Fedyura said.

“Therefore, if society in certain states is against helping Ukraine as much as possible, the authorities will be forced to do as society requires,” the politician explained.

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