a comic book about Mariupol residents and the war was released in Ukraine

Social drawing magazine Inker created an illustrated comic book with stories about Mariupol, which can be viewed online for free.

About this in Telegram The press service of the Mariupol City Council said, Ukrinform reports.

It is noted that in Ukraine, the social drawings magazine Inker, in collaboration with the publishing house of Ukrainian comics UA Comix, created a comic collection with stories of Mariupol residents who managed to leave the besieged city.

“War makes it possible to see not only death, devastation and annihilation, it also makes it possible to see real heroes, the kindness of strangers, unity in the eyes of millions and history that makes blood run cold. Our first issue of a comic magazine is dedicated to the city of Mary. The city that became “hell on earth. A story about brave doctors, the sea that saved lives, the Drama Theater, which became a refuge and tragedy for hundreds of people. About the road to hell, from which it was miraculously possible to return,” the developers note.

Each comic book story is made in the original style. The collection includes four graphic novels: “Medic” by Vladimir Kuznetsov and Zakhar Polishchuk; “The Road from Hell and Back” by Vladimir Kuznetsov and Natalia Tarasenko; “Rescued by the Sea” by Yarko Filevich; “Drama Theater” by Alexei Cherny and Maxim Solntsev.

Comic can watch for free.

As Ukrinform reported, Russian aggression caused one of the biggest humanitarian disasters in Mariupol. The city is almost completely destroyed as a result of enemy shelling.

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Mariupol today without a normal supply of electricity, water, gas. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, about 22,000 civilians have died in the city. More than 50 thousand were deported to Russia and to the temporarily occupied territories of the Donetsk region.

Currently, more than 100 thousand residents remain in the blocked city. Mariupol is threatened by an ecological catastrophe and an outbreak of infectious diseases.

Photo: Inker

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