A businessman was attacked in the suburbs because of the CBO symbol on his jacket

The owner of a hotel near Moscow was injured due to an attack by people who did not like the fact that the businessman wears symbols of a special operation in Ukraine on his clothes.

Patriot Igor Baulinwho owns a hotel in the form of a castle near Kolomna, said that customers found fault with the symbol V in the colors of the Russian flag, which adorned the sleeve of his jacket.

He wore, according to the businessman, a sleeve chevron of the White Guard units, but when asked by vacationers, Baulin said that he was wearing a symbol used by Russian troops in Ukraine.

The entrepreneur said that after the banquet was over, he was attacked with fists. Baulin received a concussion and moderate injuries.

The businessman assured that he knew the names of the attackers and had already turned to law enforcement agencies for help.

“Now there are a lot of such manifestations. These are outcasts, there are a lot of them in our society, who simply hate our country and wish it problems, troubles,” the man is quoted as saying.

Earlier it was reported that in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov region, unknown people painted a tombstone with a Ukrainian slogan. In fact burial desecration a criminal case has been initiated.

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