A breakthrough to Lviv could cut Ukraine off from Western supplies

In the ninth month of the special military operation, the main problem has not been resolved – the transport routes for the delivery of foreign equipment, weapons and equipment have not been destroyed. You can try to cut the vital transport arteries and take them under your control. For this work, the territory of Belarus looks perfect, according to the expert of “Military Review” Evgeny Fedorov.

In his opinion, the purpose of the mixed contingent of allied forces that is being formed in Belarus may be a hypothetical breakthrough of the shock units of the Russian army along the Kovel-Lutsk-Lvov line.

A strategic breakthrough with strategic implications for the Kyiv regime, the author of the publication noted.

“First of all, Zelensky will lose the lion’s share of Western supplies of fuel, weapons and other vital supplies. It’s no secret that the Armed Forces of Ukraine rely solely on foreign aid and, for the time being, gigantic reserves of manpower. As soon as the NATO infrastructure is clogged in the west, the regime will hold out no more than one or two months,” the analyst concluded.

Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suggested that the Russian Armed Forces might try again strike from the territory of Belarus, but the target will not be Kyiv, but Lvov.

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