A ballerina from Orenburg herself transferred 130 thousand rubles to telephone scammers

In Orenburg on a bait phone scammers caught 37-year-old ballerina.

According to, the ballet dancer was robbed in the old way, proven among scammers. The victim herself wrote a statement to the police after she discovered the loss of money from her account after talking on the phone with unknown people.

The scammers did nothing new – they just called the girl, claiming to be bank employees. Strangers warned that in the name of the client, incomprehensible monetary transactions were allegedly being carried out. And to make the legend sound more convincing, the scammers switched the ballerina to a representative of the “bank security service” itself, which confirmed that someone allegedly introduced himself as a client and wanted to get a credit card with an increased limit.

Further, the scammers “for security purposes” suggested to the rather alarmed victim that they transfer her funds to a new “safe account”, which she did, withdrawing 130 thousand rubles from her account and depositing them using an ATM on new numbers, which the deceivers carefully suggested to her .

The police opened a criminal case under the article “Fraud” about the incident.

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