A 30-meter flag of Ukraine was unfurled in front of the Bundestag in support of the defenders of Mariupol

A huge 30-meter flag of Ukraine was unfurled on Saturday in front of the German Bundestag in support of the defenders of Mariupol from Azovstal.

The action, which was attended by several hundred people, was staged by Ukrainian activists in Berlin, Ukrinform reports.

We deployed it again, this time so that all of Berlin and all of Germany would know about it. Freedom flag. Victory flag. Flag of Ukraine,” wrote in Facebook one of the initiators of the action Alexander Snidalov.

He said that this flag traveled thousands of kilometers from Australia, where it was created in support of Ukraine, to Berlin. The slogan of solidarity They Are Us is written on the cloth, as well as many wishes for victory and peace, with which the people of Australia wanted to demonstrate their unity with the Ukrainians.

“Today, They Are Us has acquired a new meaning – it is the unity of the whole world with the defenders of Azovstal, who heroically defend Ukraine in Mariupol. Our demonstration today was dedicated to them and was held under the slogan Save Mariupol!,” Snidalov said.

After Berlin, the flag will travel further, to Warsaw, after which it will travel to other European countries, telling the story of the invincible defenders of Ukraine.

Activists reportedly unfurled the flag on May 8 during memorial ceremonies for fallen soldierswho liberated Berlin from the Nazis in the spring of 1945. But then the police, in pursuance of the ban on the use of Ukrainian symbols, demanded that it be rolled up, and after the refusal, they did it themselves, though carefully.

Photo: Oleksandr Snidalov, Facebook

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