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“Geneva Convention? No, you haven’t heard”

Migrants living in temporary camps on the Belarus-EU border are allowed to seek asylum in certain countries in the region, but nowhere else.

This decision of Brussels was announced by the European Commissioner Margaritis Shinas… According to him, refugees can apply for shelter in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. And that’s all.

“If they do not ask for asylum in one of these three countries, they can also ask for asylum in Belarus itself, since this country is part of the Geneva Convention,” the European official explained.

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ilva Johansson also stated that refugees do not have the right to choose which European country they will live in:

“If you entered the EU illegally and do not want to apply for asylum in your country of residence, you may be forced to leave,” she said.

Johansson noted that there are exceptions for migrants, in whose home country it is “simply dangerous”:

“This applies to those who will have problems if they return home. For example, the Belarusian opposition. But this provision will not apply to most Middle Eastern refugees fleeing war-torn countries – they have no right to choose where to seek asylum if they entered the EU illegally. ”

However, Poland, starting on Tuesday, introduced three month ban to enter your border region without special permission. The ban will apply to 183 towns and villages in the border regions from December to March.

The migration crisis on the border with Poland ended before it began – opinion

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