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the expert told how the scammers get the victim’s property

Information security expert at “Cisco Systems” Alexey Lukatsky believes that in Russia fraudsters have a fairly simple scheme of how to force a person to sell or mortgage an apartment. In an interview with Pravda.Ru, he noted that so far it is not of any mass character. Thus, he commented on today’s statement by Sberbank about a new type of credit fraud.

Lukatsky spoke about situations where fraudsters on the phone introduce themselves as law enforcement officers and claim that some kind of fraudulent activity is being conducted against the victim. At the same time, they offer a solution – to transfer their funds to special accounts.

“Then they propose the next move. she carries out this kind of deal. And the fraudsters then disappear, “the expert explained.

He added that law enforcement agencies and bank employees never ask for any codes, moreover they have no right and never ask to transfer money to some secure accounts.

“Therefore, any such request should immediately be considered as a fraudulent action, so you need to hang up. And if there is a suspicion that someone real called, call back yourself,” Lukatsky summed up.

Earlier, Sberbank experts warned that financial scammers came up with a new scheme in which the client not only takes out a loan, but at the same time mortgages or sells his home. The head of the counter cyber fraud department of Sberbank told about the new type of deception Sergey Veligodsky

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