700 Russian leaders put on the wanted list in Ukraine, who got on the list and for what

The Security Service of Ukraine put on the wanted list about 700 representatives of the Russian government.

The Security Service of Ukraine put on the wanted list about 700 representatives of the Russian government.

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The Security Service of Ukraine put on the wanted list about 700 representatives of the Russian government. Including the speakers of the State Duma and the Federation Council, the heads of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, the Ministry of Defense and others. Earlier it became known that the SBU put on the wanted list the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, and the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. They were accused of “encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

KP.RU turned to the head of the National Anti-Corruption Committee for a comment Kirill Kabanov.

– Wide swung neighbors?

– It is clear that this is stupidity both from the criminal law point of view and from the position of international law – but they do it.

– Do it – why?

– Because it is already clear to everyone, and no one hides it, that the main task pursued by all the actions of Ukraine and their patrons in the West is the change of political leadership in our country. And for such a change to take place, they need at least strained, at least some kind of legal justification. At least the formal ones. Proceeding from this, they form “legal” agendas incomprehensible to normal lawyers.

– Why such coverage – 700 people are “wanted”?

– Almost all of these leaders were under Ukrainian and Western sanctions. But most of them have not been prosecuted in Ukraine before. And now they will try to present these people from the Russian leadership as some kind of criminals – trying to bring them under the articles of their Criminal Code.

– The deputy head of the Security Council of Russia in Kyiv was accused of “encroachment on the integrity” of an independent…

– It’s also utter nonsense. What are the justifications in the criminal case against Medvedev? How exactly did he “encroach on the territorial integrity” of Ukraine? Well, in Russia, the Investigative Committee also initiates criminal cases – but for specific crimes. Conducting investigations. Gathering the evidence base. And these are cases related to crimes against humanity. specific. Moreover, we have not yet had a single accusation in relation to the criminal orders that are given by representatives of the Kyiv regime.

– By whom?

– Well, for example, Zelensky. The Ukrainian propagandists were blown away. They are trying to imitate some kind of evidence base on the “general crime of the Russian authorities.” This is an attempt to implement the scenarios that were in Iraq and Syria. Where the Americans accused the heads of state and senior leadership of some kind of “criminal activity.”

– For what?

– In order to legalize their own terrorist activities as much as possible, calling it the fight against the “criminal regime.”

– Is that their main task?

– Yes. But since in the case of Ukraine, neither the Americans nor the Europeans themselves want to be the initiators of this shameful action, they use these Kyiv schizophrenics. Who are willing to do whatever their masters tell them.

– Well, 700 cases have been opened in Kyiv – and what’s next?

– They send information all over the world. And the whole world begins to replicate this legal and political fake. After all, now in the West no one can say anything, even think against the main line of propaganda. And they will eat it all.

But not everyone eats.

– Well, here is the leader of Pink Floyd, who is an authority for many generations. When he expressed his opinion, he became an outcast in their liberal space. He expressed what sits in the minds of many, but it is impossible to speak aloud. Then it will become clear that the king is naked!

– If someone from the “list of 700” – Medvedev, Shoigu, Kolokoltsev – go abroad, will they have to be detained there?

– So far, only their own search has been initiated in Ukraine. Not international yet. And as soon as they are transferred to the international, to Interpol, yes, they will receive a formal reason to detain, for example, Medvedev abroad. This is what happened to the Serbian leaders. But there were smaller scales. So they closed the possibility of movement around the world.

– That is, so far it is more an act of information warfare – but not a purely legal step?

– They expect that there will be a legal splash. Based on all these stories, they plan to recognize the leadership of the country as criminal, and the country itself as terrorist. They will gradually try to play out this topic.

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