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Adorable moment little Sophia, 9, mistakes Melbourne’s earthquake for her toy fairies

The adorable moment a young girl mistook Victoria’s worst earthquake for her fairies making a raucous has been captured on camera as the state battles through a week of natural disasters and lockdown hysteria. 

Nine-year-old Sophia picked up her iPad on Wednesday morning when she started to notice a rumbling sound coming from inside her bedroom at the family’s Hepburn home in Victoria.

According to Geoscience Australia a magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit at 9.15am near the small town of Mansfield, with two 4.0 and 3.1 magnitude aftershocks recorded 18 and 39 minutes later. 

Sophia’s mother Melanie said her daughter innocently thought the loud sounds and vibrating were being caused by her ‘fairies’. 

‘She wanted to get it on camera and she said she thought it was her fairies because where the majority of the noise was coming from was on her bookshelf, and that’s where her little fairy house was sitting on top,’ Melanie told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Hi, fairies. Fairies, if that’s you, you’re very loud,’ Sophia exclaims in the video, focusing the iPad on her fairy house.  

‘Fairies, if you’re in there, be a little quieter. I’m kind of scared.’

Sophia, 9, grabbed her iPad on Wednesday morning when rumbling from the earthquake started to occur inside her bedroom as she thought it was her fairies making noise 

Melanie said Sophia paid attention to the fairy house because she thought they might deliver her a lovely gift, given she occasionally received little treats from ‘the fairies’.

‘She’d only just gotten something off them last week or the week before, so it was probably on the top of her mind,’ Melanie said. 

Melanie had been with her seven-year-old son Joe in another room and thought the noise from the earthquake was the spin cycle on the washing machine at first.

It was only once her daughter came running down the hallway to show her the video that she realised something more serious was happening and decided to check social media.   

‘I had a look [on Facebook], and as soon as I saw a little video, I said [to Sophia] “Oh darling, I think that was actually an earthquake,”‘ she said.

Both of Melanie’s children were shocked once they found out the truth and were concerned other people were injured from the earthquake. 

‘I said I didn’t think it felt that strong to put their minds at ease,’ she said.

‘Later on in the day, we had a little chat about if it had continued and gotten worse what they should do safety-wise, but they were kind of surprised and interested to know more about earthquakes.’

Melanie thought the video was really gorgeous and cute that she had to share it with her friends and family who also enjoyed it

Sophia’s video has been well-watched by friends and family alike. 

‘I just thought it was really gorgeous. I just thought it was really cute and just a different view, sort of a child’s view of what was going on really and I thought my family and friends would enjoy it, which they did,’ Melanie said. 

‘I do think it’s so brave. She does really like taking little videos of her dolls or her toys in her room so that wasn’t really uncommon.

‘But it was very quick thinking of her to grab the iPad that was sitting next to her and do that.’

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