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CDC quietly removed guidance for when schools should scrap masks and other COVID-19 precautions

CDC quietly removed guidance for when schools should scrap masks and other COVID-19 precautions

COVID-19 precautions: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has altered its guidance for COVID-19 prevention in schools by removing a section that discussed when to get rid of precautions such as masks.

While updates to the CDC‘s ‘Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools’ are usually announced at the top of the site, it failed to mention the recent change that was originally set in place on August 5.

The full sentence that was removed read: ‘The guidance is intended to help administrators and local health officials select appropriate, layered prevention strategies and understand how to safely transition learning environments out of COVID-19 pandemic precautions as community transmission of COVID-19 reaches low levels or stops.’

The CDC also removed sections that asked schools to monitor cases closely should the decide to rollback masking and social distancing, as well as making sure that their masking policies do not conflict with any state laws or regulations.

The CDC removed a section of its school COVID prevention policy that referenced how schools can rollback the policies in place once COVID-19 transmission reaches low levels or stops

Schools across the nation have adopted masking policies to prevent the spread of COVID since the pandemic began last year. Pictured, students at the Carl B. Munch Elementary School in Oakland, California, on August 11

Critics of the sentence’s removal claim that the CDC had quietly removed hopes of a return to normalcy.

‘It’s basically mask indefinitely in schools forever, and there is no off-ramps. So it’s really disappointing to see that,’ Jonathan Zachreson, an advocate for fully reopening California schools, told Fox News.

CDC spokeswoman Jade Fulce said guidance is ‘always being revised based on the current epidemiology’ and that increases in the Delta variant and low vaccination coverage in some communities led to the changes.

The US continues to be battered by the Delta variant as John Hopkins University reported nearly 133,000 new cases on Wednesday and more than 2,700 new deaths.

More than 75 percent of those eligible for the vaccine in the US have gotten at least one Jab.

Earlier this week, a new report from California found that COVID-19 outbreaks in school are not common, with only a few students and teachers testing positive nationwide.

Los Angeles Department of Public Health researchers found that less than 0.1 percent each of pupils and staff members tested positive for the virus over the course of a month.

What’s more, only about 0.2 percent of people who came into contact with a COVID patient later tested positive themselves.

New data found a total of 7,995 students out of 1.5 million, or 0.5%, and 1,193 staff out of 157,000, or 0.7%, have tested positive for COVID-19

New data found a total of 7,995 students out of 1.5 million, or 0.5%, and 1,193 staff out of 157,000, or 0.7%, have tested positive for COVID-19

The mask mandates in schools have become a heated topic with protests across the nation. Pictured, protestors at Lakeshore High School, in Stevensville, Michigan on September 7.

The fight has taken center stage in Florida, which has banned masking mandates in schools. Pictured, parents outside the Broward County School District building, in Fort Lauderdale

Counter protests in support of masking has also erupted. Pictured, pro-mask parents outside the Cobb County School Board Headquarters, in Marietta, Georgia, on August 12

Biden discusses importance of vaccines so students can be safe

The findings suggest that outbreaks in schools are not frequent and that Los Angles County was successful in fully reopening its schools safely.

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis saw a challenge to his executive order banning school mask mandates, as a judge overruled the order twice in September.

Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper ruled in favor of school districts who defied DeSantis’s order and kept enforcing the use of masks in the classrooms, despite DeSantis’s threats to withhold funding.

DeSantis has described CDC recommendations to wear face masks as ‘the most significant threat to freedom in my lifetime,’ and even accused the health agencies of ‘medical authoritarianism.’

He argued that all ‘all parents have the right to make healthcare decisions for their minor children,’ – such as whether to mask them up.

Florida has seen about 64,585 new cases in the past week, and 2,635 new deaths, according to John Hopkins University.

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