60% of humanitarian aid sent to Donbass and liberated territories collected by United Russia

There are already 37 United Russia humanitarian centers operating in the Donbass and the liberated territories, noted Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrey Turchak at a meeting of the Bureau of the Supreme Council of the party.


“Of these, 15 are in the DPR, 10 in the LPR, 3 in the Kharkiv region, 8 in Zaporozhye and one center in Kherson. More than 400 thousand people received help in these centers, – said Andrey Turchak. – For each territory, a responsible State Duma deputy is assigned: for the DPR – Dmitry Sablin; for the LPR – Viktor Vodolatsky; for the Kharkiv region – Artem Turov; for Kherson – Igor Kastyukevich; beyond Zaporozhye – Artem Bichaev. In addition, we are implementing a medical direction, for which Dmitry Khubezov is responsible. More than 420 doctors worked under his leadership. They provide assistance to civilians and the military, and also work in medical rooms at the humanitarian centers of the party.”

The politician also noted that with the assistance of Moscow State University and personally Rector Viktor Sadovnichy, United Russia installed telemedicine equipment in Severodonetsk, Kupyansk and Mariupol.

“The terminals allow for primary diagnostics, ECG recording, blood pressure measurements and data transfer online for subsequent consultations with narrow specialists and professors of Moscow State University”, – said Secretary of the General Council of the Party.

In addition, more than 150,000 books have been collected as part of the United Russia and the Ministry of Education campaign “Books for Donbass”. Action of the action is extended and on the released territories.

“The party also helps Donbas teachers prepare for the new academic year and switch to Russian educational standards. We provide schools with equipment and literature, – reminded Andrey Turchak.

United Russia pays special attention to the support and leisure of children. Children’s centers have already been opened in Lugansk, Kupyansk, Starobelsk, Alchevsk. In them, volunteer counselors organize sports and creative activities. In addition, with the support of the party in the Donbass, at least 3 cadet corps will open by September 1, where orphans will be able to study.

More than 1,000 volunteers from the Young Guard of United Russia and the Volunteer Company have already taken part in volunteer work in the Donbass and the liberated territories. In addition, MGER opened representative offices of the organization in the people’s republics.


“United Russia” continues to help refugees in TAPs – they are now deployed 647 in 59 regions, there are 33 thousand internally displaced persons from the LDNR. And many of them want to return to their cities.

“We are seeing a reverse trend – people have begun to return to Donbass. People believed and want to live at home”, – emphasized Secretary of the General Council.

He also noted that since the beginning of the NWO, United Russia has collected more than 500 million rubles in donations from individuals and legal entities. They went to purchase food kits, rehabilitation equipment for the disabled, children’s supplies and basic necessities. And also – for technical means to support the people’s militia of the LDNR.

“Our humanitarian mission in Donbas continues. As our troops advance, the number of people in need of help increases. They should feel our support. Therefore, it was decided to increase the amount of assistance collected for the Donbass,”he concluded.

From the first day of the special operation, United Russia has been providing comprehensive assistance to the evacuated residents of Donbass, as well as to those who remained in the LDNR and in the liberated territories. United Russia opened its first and largest aid center on March 24 in a former Metro supermarket in Mariupol. Today, there are already 10 such centers in the city. It organizes the distribution of SIM cards and the provision of medical care, as well as assistance in finding missing relatives. Physicians, psychologists, specialists of social services and employment services are working so that people can get a job, a pharmacy. In addition, representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation accept appeals in which residents of the city talk about the facts of crimes committed by Ukrainian militants. Every day, about 10,000 people pass through all United Russia aid centers in Mariupol.

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