5 movies with Riley Keough, the talented daughter of Lisa Marie Presley, that you can stream

Riley Keough Productions
Riley Keough Productions

Riley Keough is an excellent American actress, daughter of singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley (who passed away on January 12) and granddaughter of the so-called ‘King of rock and roll’, Elvis. The young interpreter, in addition to being known for belonging to a family of stars, has traveled her own path in the world of TV and cinema, managing to be part of outstanding productions, for which she has received more recognition. We tell you about the most important films in Keough’s career.


Drama based on prostitution based on true events about a stripper named Aziah “Zola” Wells (Taylour Paige). The girl embarks on a trip to Florida with another stripper named Stefani (Riley Keough) and her boyfriend, with the aim of both earning a lot of money dancing in clubs in Florida. What seemed like a simple trip would turn into an intense and crazy story of crime and prostitution. Everything was told by Zola herself in a Twitter thread that went viral. It can be seen on HBO Max.

Riley Keough and Taylor Paige star in "Zola".  (A24)
Riley Keough and Taylour Paige star in “Zola.” (A24)

The devil at all hours

Classified as one of the best Netflix movies of 2020 and starring Tom Holland, this drama thriller recounts that, desperate to save his wife, Willard Russell turns his prayers into a sacrifice. Russell’s actions lead his son Arvin to go from being an abused boy in high school to becoming a man who knows when and how he must take action. The events unleash a storm of faith, violence and redemption that spans two decades. Keough characterizes a relevant role in this story, that of Sandy Henderson. Available on Netflix.

Riley Keough is Sandy Henderson in "The devil at all hours".  (Netflix)
Riley Keough is Sandy Henderson in “The Devil at All Hours.” (Netflix)

hold the dark

2018 thriller centered on a veteran wolf expert, Russell Core. He travels to a remote Alaskan town to help young mother Medora Slone (Riley Keough) hunt down the wolves that took her infant son. to what end? Medora’s husband is fighting in the Iraq war and she wants that when she returns, she can at least show him the carcass of the wolf that she took from her offspring. Available on Netflix.

Riley Keough is Medora Slone in " hold the dark".  (Netflix)
Riley Keough is Medora Slone in “Hold the Dark.” (Netflix)

The Silver Lake Mystery

In his prototype Los Angeles condominium development, Sam (Andrew Garfield) wanders through life bored to death with no upturn. One day he discovers a new neighbor named Sarah (Riley Keough), who is very sexy, stunning, disturbing and mysterious, but suddenly she disappears. Consequently, Sam embarks on a dangerous quest to find her. 2018 film, available on Prime Video and HBO Max.

Riley Keough is Sarah in "The Silver Lake Mystery".  (A24)
Riley Keough is Sarah in “Silver Lake Mystery.” (A24)

Mad Max: Fury Road

Haunted by his troubled past, Max believes that the best way to survive is to go out into the world alone. However, he finds himself drawn into a group fleeing across the desert in a War Rig driven by an elite Empress: Furiosa. They escape from a Citadel tyrannized by Immortan Joe, from whom something irreplaceable has been taken. Enraged, the Warlord mobilizes all of his gangs and relentlessly pursues the rebels in a high-revving ‘road war’. Keough played Capable, one of Immortan Joe’s five wives. 2015 film, available on HBO Max.

Keough played Capable, one of Immortan Joe's five wives, in "Mad Max: Fury Road".  (Warner Bros.)
Keough played Capable, one of Immortan Joe’s five wives, in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” (Warner Bros.)

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