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Tina Kandelaki told how she manages to maintain an ideal figure

Leading Tina Kandelaki told how she manages to maintain an ideal figure and not get better.

The star periodically shares on her pages in social networks the secrets of proper nutrition and exercise. She told how to stay slim and not gain extra pounds until summer.

“If you decorate even simple buckwheat, an additional hormone of pleasure will enter the brain,” the host answered when she was asked how she can eat flowers all the time.

In her opinion, flowers in this case are not food, but an aesthetic pleasure that makes any food more enjoyable.

Kandelaki said that her daily diet is 1200-1300 calories. At the same time, she emphasized that for each person, this figure should be his own, depending on the lifestyle and physique.

The presenter advised everyone to completely abandon white sugar to maintain health and beauty, replacing it with a natural analogue – fruits, berries, dark chocolate.

According to the star, protein should be the basis of the menu, and it is also better to refuse yeast bread.

Her personal assistant prepares healthy food for Kandelaki, and a nutritionist draws up an individual menu.

The coach revealed the secret of Tina Kandelaki’s slimness

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