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The head of the LZP attacked Protsenko: “puts lives at risk”

President of the League of Patient Advocates Alexander Saversky commented on the letter of Russian doctors opponents of vaccination from COVID-19. According to the expert, such an initiative cannot be called useful.

As Saversky emphasized, in the wards with patients with coronavirus, it will be possible to see the people themselves, but they will not tell why they got sick. Also, the head of a public organization suggested that he would hardly be shown vaccinated patients.

“Protsenko himself said that 70% of his patients die from nosocomial infections, so inviting people to his place puts their lives in jeopardy. I’m not even talking about the fact that if the” anti-vaccination workers “accept the invitation, then this visit can be is regarded as a violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, since unauthorized persons have no right to enter the “red” zone, “the head emphasized. Patient Defender League in an interview with

He also noted that the Russian drug against infection cannot be called a vaccine, since it did not go through three stages of research, which means it is impossible to talk about its effectiveness. The head of the organization linked the substitution of concepts with information war. As Saversky said, no coronavirus epidemic was officially declared in our country, so any restrictions under the “high alert regime” are not legal.

According to Operations headquartersOn November 26, 34,690 cases of COVID-19 were recorded. Due to infection, 1,235 people died per day.

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